Michigan Football: Three things to watch

Finally, football season is upon us.

It’s just a matter of days before the Michigan Wolverines, and Utah Utes kickoff the latter of a home-and-home series that started last season,

We all remember that late September game that marked the beginning of the end for the Brady Hoke era of Michigan football.

This year is different, Michigan fans don’t have to wait quite as long to see the Wolverines take the field, and everyone is waiting for the official beginning of the Jim Harbaugh era.

With the beginning of the Michigan season, and the Harbaugh era, here are three things to watch for this season:

1.      The QB competition.
As of right now (as I write this post August 29th at 3:45pm), nobody knows who will start at quarterback against Utah, Nobody knows if whoever starts that game will finish it, or if they will start again week two. The competition at quarterback for the Wolverines has been the talk of the town since Jim Harbaugh took over. It could be Jake Rudock (a recent Freep article suggests his body language says he is the starter), it could be the only Wolverine quarterback who has played a down as a Michigan QB in Shane Morris, or the world could be shocked and it be Alex Malzone. BTN suggests it’s a 2-man game right now, but anything can happen with Harbaugh. It’ll be interesting to watch all season long because if one, or two begin to struggle we may see a change.

2.      The usage of Jabrill Peppers
A healthy Peppers will be big this season. If he can stay healthy all season he will be a weapon all over the field. Reports have come out saying he will see time at defensive back, wide receiver, and on special teams. Tracking Peppers’ health will be key if he is going to be a 3-way player. He has all the physical and athletic tools to do so, but if he begins to wear down quickly due to high usage, it may become an issue.

3.      The development of the offensive line.

The O-Line is packed full of touted recruits who many thought would come in and develop into the next Jake Long. Due to Hoke and co. inability to develop a single players, fans were left in utter disappointment and absolutely no confidence in the line. Enter Tim Drevno. Drev, aside from making stops at Speedway at Maple/Miller in Ann Arbor (if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll understand, if not then follow me on Twitter), he is known for being a great offensive line coach. His time frame to develop guys is limited, he has already done a solid job according to BTN, but the thing to watch for is how well the line improves over the course of the season. 

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