All-White Away Uniforms Confirmed

Via Chris Partridge's Twitter.

After The Wolverine's Chris Balas tweeted out these images last night...

...there was some uncertainly as to whether or not these were really happening, a one-time thing, or for every away game this year.

But now with Chris Partridge, M recruiting operations coordinator and former Paramus Catholic HS coach (Jabrill Peppers' HS) tweeting out the above photoshopped image, this clearly means that Balas' tweet was not only legit, but that these classic white's from the 1974-75 teams are very much happening.

I was on the fence with the Balas images. But the Partridge image has me sold. I like em. I don't know why, but I think they're slick.

As fellow M blogger Greg Dooley has already pointed out, the maize and blue are clearly of the darker variety than what we've seen in recent years from the German apparel supplier. According to Balas, Jim Harbaugh asked for these vintage throwbacks personally...which lends some pretty hefty cred to their showing up on the sidelines starting September 3rd in Salt Lake City.

Word is the helmet stickers will also make a comeback one week later in the Big House for the home opener.

I think I speak for most folks when I say, at this point...if Michigan is winning, wear whatever you want.

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