It's (Probably) Happening

Clear your schedules for Tuesday, December 30th.

Nothing is final of course and won't be until next week, but all signs were already pointing to Jim Harbaugh being named as the next head coach at Michigan. And now MGoBlog has weighed in with maybe the most I've ever seen Brian Cook put himself out there.
Okay. I don't have a picture of a signed contract, or word from Harbaugh himself that it's happening.

But it's happening. I have not put a number on Harbaugh to Michigan yet, preferring words since it's impossible to put a number on something like this. I'll do this now: 99%. 
His post is packed with content that substantiates his claim. But having read Brian's stuff so as long as I have, and knowing what I know about him, for him to throw this stuff out there means its legit as it gets.

That 99% number...guys, its happening. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife...its happening.

According to Bruce Feldman, Michigan officials are in the bay area this weekend ready to woo once the 49ers end their season tomorrow afternoon/evening. Unless Oakland can somehow swoop in with a ridiculous offer, Jim Harbaugh will be announced as Michigan's next head coach sometime early next week.

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