Funchess Out

In a move surprising no one, former tight end turned wide receiver Devin Funchess has decided to declare for the NFL draft one year early.
"I would like to thank my family, coaches and teammates for their support," said Funchess. "It's always been a dream of mine to play in the NFL, and I am prepared to take the next step in my journey.

"I want to personally thank Coach Hoke and his staff," Funchess added. "I've learned life and character lessons from them, and they have helped me become a better person and man. I love Michigan. From the former players to the fans, it's a special place. The opportunity to play in the Big House in front of 100,000 strong each week, those are memories that will last with me forever. It's been an honor to strap on the winged helmet for three years with my teammates, and I will always bleed Maize and Blue."
I remember thinking about a year ago that I would be very sad the day Funchess decided to leave early and go pro…and here we are, and I'm not that sad. While he was Michigan's leading receiver this season, there were numerous times it appeared he and the football shared the same magnetic polarity. His 4 touchdowns (3 of which came in week 1) will not be missed.

But Devin has a gift that can't be coached and that is size. He looks impressive. And for that, he's about to get paid.

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