Throwback Thursday: Michigan vs Wisconsin (9/27/08)

Steven Threet, because we had no idea what we were doing. Via mgoblog
A few weeks ago, we Thursday threwback to the Minnesota game in 2003 to rehash Michigan's largest comeback ever. While on paper that was the largest deficit Michigan has ever come back from to win a game, but there's probably no other game in recent memory in which the momentum had swung so wildly in Michigan's favor than the Wisconsin game from 2008.

The Wolverines were a hot mess that year. I hesitate to use the word disaster since there was some pretty good talent on that team, but Rich Rod and Michigan were just oil and water. And his first season at Michigan was, shall we say...not good.

That said, this game against Wisconsin, the 500th game at Michigan Stadium was the high water mark for a season we've all tried ever so hard to forget. But for one afternoon in the Big House the football Gods smiled down on the Maize & Blue.

Okay, maybe they smirked. But still.

From my wrap-up post...
I wasn't in the stadium, but you didn't have to be to hear the barrage of "Boooo's" coming from the fans as the players left for the locker rooms at halftime. My only hope is that all of those booing left the game and went home, so they couldn't be there to witness the awesome comeback. Michigan fans like that not only make me sick, but I believe they are everything that is wrong with sports.
Kudos to any fan who made it to this game and stayed for the 2nd half comeback. All signs through the first 2/3 of game pointed to an epic fail, but you stood tough in the face of embarrassing defeat. Or, you had a time machine and knew this team would lose to Toledo in 2 weeks and wanted to soak it in. I digress.

Momentum is an amazing thing in sports. It can temporally make good teams bad and vice versa. Never has that been more apparent than in this game from one of the worst seasons in Michigan Football history.

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