Now Hiring: Recruiting Reporter

Our recruiting reporter, Daniel Winslow, who has been gracing these virtual pages with his great insight for the last couple years has decided to move on to another, slightly more profitable endeavor. As we bid him adieu and wish him the best of luck, we now have to fill an immediate opening for a new recruiting reporter.

Recruiting is the life-blood of a college football program, thus, it should be given it's proper attention. This is where you come in.

What I'm looking for
Simple. Provide consistently good, original recruiting content for this site.

You will...
• Write at least one recruiting post a week depending on what's going on.
• Write up "Incoming" posts as new recruits commit.
• Have a presence on Twitter (where all recruiting info is free and plentiful).

What I expect is someone who can provide insight into a recruit and a recruiting class as a whole. Talk about individual recruits, discuss team needs, discuss possible targets, provide analysis of recruiting classes...that kind of stuff. And most of all, have a good take. Don't just give out bios, have an opinion on a guy. Opinions matter.

The most important thing is that you do not, do not, DO NOT steal from other recruiting sites. If you're going to cover recruiting for us, it must be all your own stuff.

What I can offer you
Exposure. You notice all those fancy-pants recruiting insiders at 24/7, Scout or Rivals? They weren't just anointed. They all started somewhere.

The biggest incentive for you is that you'll have a chance to get your name out there and build a solid reputation as a recruiting insider (assuming that's what you're looking to do). Everything you publish will be under your name. This site generates it's fair share of traffic, so if your stuff is good, it will get read.

This job is what you make it.

• Writing samples are helpful. I gotta know if you can write.
• An unbridled enthusiasm for Michigan football and recruiting.

I can't promise anything else other than if you're good at what you do, people will notice. Shoot me an email at brad[at]maizenbluenation[dot]com only if you're seriously interested.

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