Michigan Spring Analysis and OL Breakdown

Just because we'd all love to forget about last season doesn't mean we can't be at least a little excited for 2014 and Team 135. Right?...guys???

Ok, I get it. Its not the easiest thing in the world to get pumped for football when you're flirting with all-time low fan interest on three fronts.
  • Its March and its 30 degrees.
  • Basketball is in the sweet sixteen for the 2nd straight year after cruising to a regular season B1G title which provides more than enough distraction to forget about football entirely.
  • Last season was horribly difficult to digest, and the bowl game was just the cherry on top that no Michigan fan wanted making this off-season that much more intolerable.
However, spring practice has been going strong for a few weeks. And as Gerry DiNardo points out below, Michigan does have a few things going in its favor. Including the fact that 76 of the 85 scholarship players on the 2014 roster are on campus right now practicing. That's just north of 89%.

Hey, its March, I'll take anything!

Anyway, here's a couple videos...one from BTN breaking down DiNardo's spring impressions (he was at a practice). And a state-controlled spring highlight video which features the offensive line.



Don't forget, the 2014 spring game scrimmage will be Saturday, April 5th at 2:00PM at the Big House. Admission is free and just as previous years there will be an alumni flag football game played prior to the scrimmage.

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