Brady Hoke Spring Presser and Pro Day Videos

So things happened yesterday in and around Schembechler Hall. First and foremost, spring ball was kicked off by Brady Hoke's press conference. Among the many questions vaguely answered, a few highlights.

• LB Kenny Wilkins is out. This opens up a scholarship. Not a huge loss. He was buried on the depth chart. If you can stomach it, mgoblog dissects RichRod's decimated 2010 recruiting class. Yeesh.
• Fitz Toussaint is up and running, and will participate (sparingly) in spring drills. His recovery is coming along much faster than everyone predicted.
• Blake Countess, Chris Wormley and Chris Bryant are all healthy. Wormley doing very well.
• Punter Will Hagerup is still suspended.
• Devin has had a "tremendous" off-season so far, embracing his role as a leader.
• Hoke wants to have a real, actual spring game. Depth is there. Says we'll see.

Spring kickoff press conference

Full transcript via mgoblog.

Pro Day: Denard highlights

Pro Day: NFL Network

Pro Day: 40-yard dash

Pro Day: Bench press

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