Biggest Non-Michigan B1G Games of 2013, Part Three

November in the Big Ten means only one thing.
Previously, we previewed the biggest non-Michigan games of the upcoming season for September (Part 1) and October (Part 2).

But when rubber really meets pavement in the Big Ten, is in November. How you separate the contenders from pretenders is how you perform in the final month of the season, especially on the road. The 2013 season has 5 Saturdays in November and for the Legends division, it's really when the season begins.

Let's dive in.

Week 10
November 2
Wisconsin @ Iowa
Michigan @ Michigan State
Minnesota @ Indiana
Northwestern @ Nebraska
Illinois @ Penn State
Ohio State @ Purdue

Aside from what's taking place in East Lansing this weekend, there are many other intriguing matchups. And while we'll all be keeping a close eye on what happens between Purdue and Ohio State, that's not the game of the week to me.

Northwestern @ Nebraska is a huge Legends division game with very big implications. The four best teams in the division are playing each other this weekend, and the winners of these two games will have the initial inside track to Indy. Interestingly, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska and Northwestern all play each other in weeks 10-13 of the season. Crazy!

Week 11
November 9
Iowa @ Purdue
Nebraska @ Michigan
Penn State @ Minnesota
Illinois @ Indiana
BYU @ Wisconsin

With Ohio State, Michigan State and Northwestern off this week, and Michigan and Nebraska playing each other, that leaves nothing left but table scraps.

From a purely voyeuristic standpoint, Minnesota hosting Penn State could be a interesting game to watch. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'll actually care about the outcome, because frankly, I don't think it matters. But it would be nice to see Minnesota get a big win, and I think they can.

Week 12
November 16
Michigan @ Northwestern
Michigan State @ Nebraska
Ohio State @ Illinois
Indiana @ Wisconsin
Purdue @ Penn State

It's Legends Division Showdown Weekend III. Michigan can all but guarantee their spot in the championship game with a win this weekend. However, if it's a closer race than that, the Michigan State-Nebraska game will be huge.

I can't expertly predict how it's all going to play out, but I suspect the division race will be between Michigan and Nebraska. Having just played a week ago, either the Wolverines or the Huskers will be playing for their lives while hoping the other school falters down the stretch. If that's the case, we're all going to have to be Spartan fans this weekend. And if that's the case, get your couch burning supplies ready.

Week 13
November 23
Michigan @ Iowa
Michigan State @ Northwestern
Wisconsin @ Minnesota
Nebraska @ Penn State
Indiana @ Ohio State
Illinois @ Purdue

It's the first weekend of the year when all 12 B1G schools are playing each other (how exciting!). The Legends division should be all but wrapped up by now, but Iowa could play spoiler if they beat us. If that's the case, then the winner of the Michigan State-Northwestern game could be sitting pretty with at least a chance to let the tiebreaker decide.

All eyes, naturally will be on Columbus to see how Ohio State plays against B1G doormat Indiana. Michigan fans always care about how the Buckeyes are doing, and especially just a week before they head north to the Big House. Expect the Urbanites to be sitting at 11-0 after this beatdown.

Week 14
November 30
Ohio State @ Michigan
Iowa @ Nebraska
Minnesota @ Michigan State
Northwestern @ Illinois
Purdue @ Indiana
Penn State @ Wisconsin

I know this is supposed to be a preview of the biggest non-Michigan games of the year, but I don't care. The 2013 edition of The Game is going to be huge. HUGE!

Like I just said, Ohio State should be 11-0 going into this game. I would say Michigan has a real legit shot at being the same (although I don't expect that). Either way, both should be sitting pretty for a potential rematch a week later in Indy. And if that's the case, then I don't even need to tell you how epically amazing that scenario would be. Remember 2006?

Again, it's only March 1st, and it's so easy to just declare Michigan and Ohio State the two best teams in the league (they really are). But if you bleed maize and blue like I do, then just the thought of the Buckeyes at the Big House, and then a potential rematch a week later for the league enough to make you literally count the days until November 30th.

It's 274, by the way.

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