Recruitaholics: If You Ain't First, You're Last

This Week: Feels Good to Be/Have #1, '14 QB Update, Visit Time!!!!, More Offers Go Out, Highlights Y'all, and coming back from a small vacation, Sayonara Suckas

National Signing Day is just a little over a week away and unless we see a surprise out of left field or a late flip, Michigan seems all but irrelevant when it comes creating news on NSD.  More details of Michigan's (possible) final commit of '13 and why the last remaining target in this class is no longer an option.

Feels Good to Be/Have #1

I know my focus is football recruiting, but gotta start this off with a shout out Trey Burke and company for taking over the #1 spot in the AP over the weekend.  Kids are straight ballin' on the hardwood!
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Green finally throwin' up the M, rockin' a snazzy suit.  Image via here

But the biggest news of the football recruiting season came over the weekend as well when, also #1, RB Derrick Green chose to play for Coach Hoke and the Wolverines over Auburn and Tennessee. 
 Details Incoming...or enjoy the visual experience!

Green looks to make a significant impact next year.  It's been a tough road to get here, but 50 less pounds later, his goal has been reached and so much more reports Sam Webb:
""I came in my freshman year of high school, I was 268 pounds," remembered Green. "I just did a whole 360 going into that summer (and) going into my sophomore year. I had to stop eating fried foods. I started eating a lot of grilled meat, salads, drinking a lot of water, and staying away from candy and soda."
He also began exhibiting the kind of work ethic necessary to achieve a physical metamorphosis. With guidance from his trainer he shed nearly 50 pounds and revealed himself to be a running back that a BCS power like Michigan would recruit. The Wolverines officially joined the party with an offer last February."
Just an unbelievable transformation for a young kid, but this explains why he can carry his 220 lb. frame the way he does.  Kid will be special, there's not doubt.  Having the support of with his Mom, Dad, 7 year old brother, and 16 yr. old cousin, who are also making the move to AA, will do wonders in his development.  Sam Webb also says Green plans to make a trip to up to AA once a month until he enrolls in the summer.

Scroll below to see why I'm not even bringing up the concern of RB Deveon Smith de-committing and enrolling elsewhere.

'14 QB Update

Some positive tweets in regards to Michigan have been aplenty from highly rated QB David Cornwell.  Cornwell has been said to be the #1 option at the QB position for Hoke and co. and he took in Michigan's campus this past week.  An offer wasn't extended and that is a surprise to most.  These tweets though, do not come as much of a surprise (his background photo is the Big House);  Cornwell has plenty of interest in Michgan and if offered, will be in the top of his list:

Visit Time!!!!

In-Home (School)
-'13 commit QB Shane Morris
-'13 commit DB Jourdan Lewis
-'13 commit RB Deveon Smith visited by coaching staff once last Thurs. and later tonight - tweeted this to FB commit Wyatt Shallman and most recent commit Derrick Green:
I'd say he's staying put and ready to be part of the best backfield in the country, wouldn't you??

-'14 DB Parrker Westphal - has offer, top priority at the DB position
-'14 OL Jamarco Jones - offered
-'14 DL Malik McDowell - offered - could be in discussion for top prospect in '14 class
-'14 DE Lawrence Marshall - has offer, also attended bball game vs. Purdue  - his jr. highlights :

-'14 RB Jonathon Hilliman - has offer - Reaction:
-'14 TE Daniel Helm - has offer - similar play and build of Jake Butt
-'14 RB Elijah Hood - offered - Michigan didn't make his early top 5 
-'14 DL Enoch Smith Jr. - no offer
-'14 WR Dominique Booth -  no offer- Michigan made his most recent top 7 list
-'14 WR Autsin Roberts - no offer
-'14 WR/DB Timothy Cason II - no offer
-'14 OLB Brandon Lee - no offer
-'14 RB Mikale Wilbon - no offer 
-'14 DE Dwayne Hendricks - Great size at 6'5" 230. Had 60 tackles and 4 sacks last year.  No offer
-'14 QB Chris Durkin - no offer
-'14 OLB DJ Calhoun - no offer 
-'14 QB Shelby Spence - no offer
-'15 RB Damien Harris - first offer of '15, loves Michigan 

More Offers Go Out

The first recipient...'14 S Erick Smith out of Glenville HS (OH).  Has a impressive offer list with the size Hoke has been interested in for the DB position.  See for yourself below:

And the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th...A trio of in-staters: Cass Tech '15 RB Mike Weber, teammate DE Josh Alabi and '15 ATH Brian Cole out of Saginaw (MI). They are offers 3, 4, and 5 in the '15 class.  Weber is a small, quick, with surprising power; Alibi has the perfect stature to strive at the DE position, and being 6'2, Cole has the size to play on either side of the ball at WR, CB, or S. 

Highlights Y'all 

'13 commit LB Mike McCray - Sr. highlights

'14 RB LJ Scott - Jr. Highlights - Big build on a small frame, decent speed. No offer.  Told Josh Helmholdt, "I don't know what it is about the whole Michigan atmosphere, but I fell in love with it!"

Sayonara Suckas

Welp, looks like the door is closed on the 2013 class.  Michigan's last remaining target TE Durham Smythe committed to Notre Dame yesterday while on an official visit.  Remember last week (trivia alert!!), when he decided to move his OV to AA back a few weeks?  I know you all recall, your the best fans out there!! Anyways turns out he will not be making that visit anymore.  One has to think he had already planned to commit this weekend while in South Bend which would clarify the re-scheduling.