UM Goalie Shawn Hunwick Suits Up for Columbus

In a very fast and furious turn of events, Michigan undrafted senior goalie Shawn Hunwick, fresh off his last game as a Michigan Wolverine in the 2012 NCAA Tournament just 5 days ago, found himself suiting up for the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets tonight as their backup goalie against Detroit. [DetNews]
"A crazy experience," said Hunwick, a Sterling Heights native, two hours before game-time.

"It's funny, people are congratulating me and I'm getting all these congratulatory texts. I didn't really do anything. I answered my phone and took the opportunity to come down.

It was Michigan assistant coach Brian Wiseman who contacted Hunwick, who was killing time this morning and waiting to go to class.

"He told me to get to the rink (Yost Arena) quickly," Hunwick said. "I thought I was going to the AHL, which would have been awesome."

No, this was better than the minor leagues.

So Hunwick got the news and hopped into his 1992 Ford Ranger.
He had to skip a class in order to make the drive down to that state down south. And when he suited up, he made Michigan fans proud.

Matt Ludtke / AP
Of course, not being prepared at all to take his talents to the pro level, why would he have any other gear besides the stuff he just wore 5 days ago? Of course, Columbus not exactly being a hot bed of hockey fanaticism, Red Wing fans likely outnumbered Jacket fans...but still. I salute a man who chooses to done the winged helmet deep within fortified Buckeye country.

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