Incoming: DeVeon Smith

The rapidly expanding 2013 recruiting board lives here.

Scout: ★★★★, #7 RB, #58 Ovr
Rivals: NR RB
24/7: ★★★, #31 RB

The #1 rated running back in the state of Ohio has committed to Michigan. Yet again, Brady Hoke reaches deep into fortified Buckeye country to nab another 4-star rated prospect. Smith becomes the 16th overall commit to the class of 2013, and the 14th with a 4-star rating from at least one recruiting service. Not the biggest offer list I've ever seen, but there's one school on that list that will make any Michigan man's heart smile.

Many folks out there are concerned that this commitment could mean that Michigan is looking past Ty Issac, the #1 rated RB in the nation who also has Michigan very high on his list (along with USC). Its been noted that Hoke and Borges wanted 2 RBs in this class, and with RB/DE Wyatt Shallman already committed, we would seem to be good to go. But Smith has said that he doesn't mind having to compete for the job. And frankly, Shallman's size tends to be better fit for a DE or FB anyway. I don't see DeVeon's commitment scaring Issac away.

I really like Smith for two reasons. First, he's a lifelong Michigan from the state of Ohio. What's not to love about that? Second, he's holding an offer from Ohio State. Urban wanted him, and he's right in Meyer's back yard, and he picked Michigan. Smith is the top rated running back out of Ohio and seems to perfect fit for the pro-style offense Borges will continue to mold as we move away from the Denard Robinson/Vincent Smith style that RichRod/Magee crafted when they were here.

Other offers
Bowling Green, Indiana, Ohio State and West Virginia.

Other interest
Penn State

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