Michigan 38 - Minnesota 0 -- First Half Thoughts

 We're getting into a nice little habit of doing these "first half thought" posts. What do you think?

• Michigan's helmets were adorned with the same numbers they used for the "legacy" jerseys for the Notre Dame game. According to Michigan radio prior to the game, this was a coaches decision and they will keep them for the rest of the season. The players love them.

• Anytime you can get the ball first and drive down in score, especially 80 yards in 7 plays, it's always a plus. Couple that with a nice defensive 3-and-out, no better way to start a game. The only thing that can top that is doing it two times in a row...which is what Michigan did in this game.

• Al Borges mixed it up very nicely in the start with some great pass plays and Devin Gardner lining up under center while Denard was in the backfield. The first play out of this look, a double handoff didn't work so great. But the second, a fake handoff and toss to Fitz Toussaint on the weak side was brilliant. How do you prepare for that if you're Minnesota?

• Will Hagerup is back at punter for this game, but you wouldn't know that in the first half today. No punts for Michigan yet.

• Crazy first quarter numbers: Overall yardage: Mich 217 - Minn 4. First downs: Mich 11 - Minn 0.

At the end of the first half; Yardage: Mich 384 - Minn 69, First downs: Mich 21 - Minn 4. Yowza!

• Vincent Smith's pass (!) to Drew Dileo for the first play of the second quarter was a fun play, but not something you should do unless you're playing Minnesota. A ton of air under that pass, and Dileo needed some time, and space, to adjust. The last time a non-QB threw a TD pass for Michigan was against Illinois in 2007 -- Adrian Arrington to Mario Manningham.

• One thing I really like about Michigan's offense showing so many looks and running so many new/trick plays is because it makes it that much tougher for B1G defenses to gameplan for us. It's a pretty smart move on Borges' part. It's not all gimmicks, there's a reason we're seeing these plays.

• Michigan defense only had 4 sacks going into this game. So far 3 today.

• Gibbons nailed a 25-yard field goal to go 2 for 3 for the season.

• We're talking a lot about the Michigan offense, but the defense should get some love too. They've played great today...especially up front. The whole defensive line has been able to get into the backfield and get some pressure on Shortell. I don't care who you're playing, anytime you can hold an offense to less than 100 yards in one half, you're doing well. This game has looked like a scrimmage when Minnesota has the ball.

The second half will be fun to watch, but obviously not as fun as the first. I expect to see a lot of new faces/names in the game. Russell Bellomy anyone?

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