B1G Breakdown: Week 9

Ed. Just a heads up, busier than normal lately, so it's tough to get as much content out there as I'd like to. Still planning on doing a Purdue preview, but it will be brief.

Week 8 was...interesting. Michigan State's hail mary was exciting. I still have yet to see conclusive video evidence that the receiver broke the plane with the ball...but I guess I'm just not seeing it.

Another letdown for my picks as I had Illinois and Wisconsin...as most did. Curse you Ron Zook! You do this to me every year!

Weeks 1-7: 51-11
Week 8: 3-2
Overall: 54-13  (.805)

All games are on Saturday 10/29. All times eastern. My picks in bold. (Rankings: BCS)

Legends Division
#11 Michigan State @ #14 Nebraska
12:00 - ESPN

Iowa @ Minnesota
3:30 - BTN

Leaders Division
Illinois @ #19 Penn State
3:30 - ABC/ESPN2

#15 Wisconsin @ Ohio State
8:00 - ESPN

Northwestern @ Indiana
12:00 - BTN

Purdue @ #18 Michigan
12:00 - ESPN2

Biggest "must-watch" games of the week:
Obviously, its gotta be Michigan State at Nebraska. Have to know that MSU's wins, at home against Michigan and Wisconsin, were not just a result of homefield advantage. I doubt that they were, at least for the Michigan game. For much of the game, their fans were rather tame. I can only guess the atmosphere last week was a bit more intense.

Either way, Sparty has to take this incredible momentum on the road to one of the most intimidating places in the B1G. Will be really interesting to see how this plays out. This is a huge game for Michigan fans. We would like Nebraska to win, btw.

Upset Alert!
I'm putting Wisconsin on upset alert. After another disheartening loss to MSU in as many years (this one in epic fashion), it's going to be really interesting to see how the Badgers respond in a tough environment. Ohio State is not good, but they did take out Illinois two weeks ago, and have had two weeks to prepare for this game. All of the sudden, Wisconsin is vulnerable.

If this game was in Madison, I'd be putting Michigan on upset alert. Purdue is playing their best football right now, and Michigan has had two weeks to lick their wounds after their first loss of the year to Michigan State...for the 3rd year in a row. The last two years, the MSU loss has created a collapse in Ann Arbor. Going to be very interesting to see how Michigan responds.

Snoozer of the week
Iowa at Minnesota. No question Minnesota is a team in rebuilding mode. But this rebuilding process is not going well. They will not win again this year, which makes this game completely unwatchable.

Bold predictions!
This week could be another week of upsets and close games. We're in the middle of the season, which means each B1G starts beating each other up. If you like good matchups, this week is a good one. Illinois at Penn State, Wisconsin at Ohio State and MSU at Nebraska. All of those should be good games. And not to mention, we host the resurgent Boilers for homecoming. 
All 12 B1G teams are in action, and it should mean that we will get at least a few really great games to watch.

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