Michigan - SDSU First Half Thoughts

Some random bullets from Michigan - San Diego State first half.

• Did NOT expect 21-0 at halftime in this game. Not even close. Props to the defense showing up and the play-calling by Al Borges. Those are the two stars of this game so far for me. Funny how used to Denard's magic I've become.

• Not better way to start a game than to get a defensive three and out and then drive 61 yards in 5 plays for a touchdown. This is a departure from the starts of the last three games. It's also the first points in the first quarter for Michigan this year.

• The SDSU offense started the game with a pretty simple game plan. Get the ball to Hillman as much as possible. That was working on their second drive until Thomas Gordon forced a fumble on the M 44 yardline.

• Capitalizing on that turnover. Michigan drove down and scored again aided by a 53-yard touchdown run by Denard Robinson, his second of the game at that point (3 total). Anyone worrying if Denard had lost a step during the off-season can rest easy. Denard is as fast as ever. He was 10 yards in front of anyone when he crossed the goal line.

• Michigan needs to get other playmakers going on offense. Denard is great, but we need another answer. As we know from 2010, he can't do this all year. Can he?

• FB John McColgan was lined up as a wide out on a play late in the first quarter. His job was to block downfield. Did he ever. It's probably not a big deal, but I like the look and it shows the creativity by Borges. He also showed us an option with Michael Shaw in the second quarter which worked for a 5 yard gain. Again, not huge, but shows the creativity that Borges has with the players he inherited.

• Mike Martin is showing that he just doesn't feel like being blocked anymore. He's been double-teamed a lot in this game, and he's consistently in the backfield making plays. The whole defensive line has played more aggressively so far. Roh and Big Will getting their names called a few times so far.

• Troy Woolfolk limped off the field about six minutes into the 2nd. He threw his helmet and sat on the bench. He seemed to be favoring that left ankle. After getting it looked at by trainers and doing some exercises on the sideline, he was able to return. There's death, taxes...and Troy Woolfolk playing hurt.

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