First Half Impressions

Some thoughts on the first half. By the way, Michigan reported that the temperature on the field was 130 degrees at kickoff. Yikes!

• The 94-yard pick-6 by Brandon Herron off of the tip by LB Jake Ryan woke this crowd up with 7 minutes left in the half. Probably the highlight of the game. Herron found a new gear as he rumbled down the field for the touchdown. The return of 94 yards is a modern school record. (Michigan's modern era begins in 1948)

• We're seeing a lot more designed QB runs by Denard out of the gun than I thought we would. I expected to see more under-center plays...more traditional Michigan power offense. We did see some of this towards the end of the half.

• Fitzgerald Toussaint has looked strong so far with 2 TDs. Shaw and Smith have also seen some action.

• Troy Woolfolk left the game after suffering an ankle injury on a kickoff return coverage. He was carted off the field to the tunnel. According to sideline reports, he's not expected back for the 2nd half. This sucks on so many levels. Wishing for a the best for that young man.

• WMU getting good play so far from QB Alex Carder. He's finding open receivers in Michigan's secondary with ease...especially in the flats where WMU looks to spread Michigan's D out. Hoke said earlier in the week that he could be one of the best passers we play all year. He's showing us that.

• Along the lines, Michigan has been successful on offense of getting a decent push and is running the ball well. Also getting some good protection for Denard. Although you can tell Denard's clock is still short when he drops back. He checks down quickly, and takes off running like it's second-nature...because it is. On defense, towards the end of the half, Michigan's D-line was doing a great job getting their hands up and tipping some passes from Carder. They're also getting stronger covering the gaps and closing off the outside corners. It seems to me that both lines are getting better as the game wears on.

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