Pryor Leaves Ohio State

The day Terrelle Pryor announced he would attend "The University of Ohio State."
This news shouldn't exactly be shocking to anyone. In a statement released by Pryor's lawyer, he has decided to end his playing days at Ohio State.

Via the Columbus Dispatch:
"In the best interest of my teammates, I have made the decision to fore go my senior year of football at The Ohio State University."
Once the Tressel shoe dropped last week, all eyes turned to Pryor. Most, of not all speculated that he would never see the field at Ohio State next year. They were right.

In all fairness, Pryor is a tremendously gifted athlete, blessed with a natural ability that was evident to anyone who had the agony of watching him effortlessly consume their defense (by scrambling away from a d-lineman and then jogging at the 45-degree angle to the sideline for twenty yards...fifteen times a game). But his career at Ohio State was a trainwreck in so many ways. He was good, but never rose to the level of player that he was built up to be. He never delivered. Blame poor play-calling, lack of ability...whatever. The bad far outweighed the good in case of Terrelle Pryor.

You could make the argument, and some have, that Pryor is directly responsible for the downfall of not only Jim Tressel, but also Rich Rodriguez. I would not refute that. I wanted him to come to Michigan. Every one of us did.

Imagine what would have happened if he did.

In a way I'm sad to see the Tressel, and now Pryor go before next year. I desperately wanted Brady Hoke to have one shot at both of them. I wanted to see the two coaches at midfield of the Big House before the game. I wanted to see an invigorated defensive line tear into Pryor...Mike Martin chasing him down and burying him in the ground.

But it is not to be. The proverbial reset button has been pushed on this series. It's Hoke versus Fickell...for one year at least. It's Denard versus...whoever. This game is going to have a very new and unique feel this year. But after the last 3 years, new is good. I'll take new. I'll take anything other than what we've had to endure lately.

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