Ohio State Fans Just Don't Get It

Okay, I've been debating with myself about writing this...this blog has enjoyed it's fair allotment of Ohio State lately. But there are just some things that, when you read or see them...as a Michigan blogger, you simply have no choice.

A group of about 200 Ohio State fans marched to Jim Tressel's house in Columbus on Saturday evening to show their support for the coach who cheated and lied then about it.

Via LarryBrownSports:
“Those in the rally cheered, sang the alma mater and held up signs that said, “You’re in Our Prayers,” “We Support You, Jim!” and “We Love You, Coach Tressel.”

"We’re going to be Buckeyes for life,” Tressel said, his arm around his wife. “What’s that old saying? Buckeye born and bred, a Buckeye ’til I’m dead.”
As a parting shot, Tressel added:
"Don't forget. On Nov. 26, we're gonna kick their ass."
This guy just pissed away a three and a half million dollar a year job because he was too scared to turn in his own players for breaking the rules, and then he lied about it...and this is what he has to say??? No "Sorry about all that lying and cheating I've been doing.", or "Hey, I regret the decisions I made.", or "Hey, I'm sorry I totally screwed you guys for the next 5 years."???

To add insanity to confusion...what do deranged Ohio State fans do when more than two of them are in the same place at the same time?

Okay, I get that this guy made Michigan his whipping boy for 10 years, I do. He regularly beat us on a unfair field where he repeatedly used players that should have never been able to leave the locker room. This guy took whatever public level of respect there was left for Ohio State and beat the life out of it in the course of one year.

And how to Ohio State fans react? They march to his house to proclaim their love for him.

Ohio State fans have such a distorted reality, that they have no idea the amount of suck that is headed their way for the next 5 years...all thanks to this man. Good riddance.


  1. it is just something you'll never understand. it's NOT about michigan at all and yes, he lied and didn't turn his players in, but don't just be mad at him for that. be mad at the BCS for allowing the players to play as well. it's NOT his fault for a few bad apples who didn't follow the rules. he might have "broke" the rules in football, but he didn't break the rules in life and the fact that his morals are in question is absolutely ridiculous. he is a molder of men and every player who has came out to defend him has said he molded them into who they are today. people just wanna see us fail because we're HATED by everyone and that's fine as well.. theres a BIG difference between what is written/peoples opinions and what the truth is. people marching to his house is a little CRAZY (and i think they need to get off of his nuts) but they support him because we all know that they used him as an scapegoat for Gene Smith and Gordan Gee. they both knew about it and let tressel take the fall. WHAT I THINK OHIO STATE SHOULD DO THIS IS: if they wanna start doing things by the book then they need to start cleaning house, which means, Gene Smith and Gee should resign OR be fired and the boosters should not be allowed to give ANY money to the school for 5 years... and of course the players who were involved and still on the team should be kicked off. that's just my opinion as an ohio state fan who bleeds scarlet and grey. no on is in denial there, we just know more of whats going on than anyone else.

  2. This comment perfectly illustrates my point.

    Tressel was never made the scapegoat. Not by the media, bloggers or anyone else. His players broke the rules, yes. But in instances like this, it's not about the breaking of the rules, it's about the cover-up...in which Tressel was solely responsible for. He cheated and then lied about it. He lied to the NCAA, Smith, and all of the Ohio State fans who also bleed scarlet and grey.

    And if you think the fact that 200 people marched to his house on Saturday to profess their devotion, or the fact that you're on a Michigan blog defending this man is NOT about Michigan, you're crazy. Tressel will forever be defined by his 9-1 record against us to Ohio State fans. If he weren't so successful against Michigan, I doubt he'd be getting so much praise by Ohio State fans after doing what he did.

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  4. i honestly don't care that this is a Michigan blog and i don't care about the 200 people who marched to his house on a Saturday night, singing the "Michigan Sucks Song" because they have nothing else better to do.. but what you're saying about he lied to Smith is completely 100% false. maybe i shouldn't be outing information like this, but Smith knew.. and i do NOT support people to allow others to take the fall for something they had involvement with. maybe Gee founded out later on, but when the e-mails came rolling in, you HAVE to be smoking crack if you HONESTLY BELIEVE Smith didn't know. and i'm not denying what Tressel did AT ALL, but when his morals are in question, it pisses me off because he's a good person and has done a lot for the community around here and the players who were WILLING to learn from him. i'm not defending what Tressel did, all i'm saying is that they're more people to point the finger at than just him and it's not fair that he's the only one who is getting in trouble. i wasn't trying to make it a Michigan/Ohio thing, but you're right, it doesn't matter how many games we lose or win, as long as we beat Michigan, that's all that matters.. and goes the same with yall. not every Ohio state fan hates Michigan with a passion.. just so you know, i didn't mean any disrespect. good debate though lol

  5. ya your an idiot if you think gee and smith didnt know. i said last winter when all this was just getting started that there was a lot more to it and everyone knew about it. it makes total sense that tressel would take the hit especially when it was the ADs turn in the spotlight with it being his year to head the selection committee for march madness. and if the AD is exposed for knowing what was going on that would put the whole athletic program in question not just the football team. and your a fool if you think its going to make us suck for the next 5 years. probation or not, the players we have are way too good and our past 4 recruiting classes are rediculous and in 2012 urban meyer or mark dantonio will be the coach. this will have no impact oin our success and we will kick your ass this year..again. if we loose one game this year it will be against nebraska and only cause pryor will be rusty (if he plays). and its ignorant that you would refer to him as a cheater. breaking the rules doesnt constitute cheating. he nor the players did anything to compromise the game being played on the field. we won every game fair and square on the field. i could care less about what goes on off the field. i have friends that play sports on every level throughout the state of michigan whether its gvsu or u of m..whats going on at ohio state is going on in your backyard whether you want to believe it or not. doesnt matter what division, every school is doing it and it cant be contained..only covered up, which michigan is doing a good job of. and you think our 9-1 record over you the past decade was "unfair" then your just a chump looking for a cop-out. when we beat michigan this year, at the end of the game i dont want to find myself sayin "damn we sure are lucky denard was ineligable. that game might hae gone differently if he had played". what pride would you take out of beating a team that wasnt at full strength? your players were recruited to play football for your program just as our were and when we play each other its those players that are on the field playing. what happens off the field is irrelevant. so keep digging for excuses as to why we kick your ass every year..cause the ass kicking isnt going to stop. and keep looking for every reason to forget about the fab five..cause no one else has. whats your excuse for that?

  6. "Breaking the rules doesn't constitute cheating". I'll have to remember that one. When you cheat, you break the rules. When you break the rules you cheat. Justify it however you like. Whatever helps you sleep at night. That helps in recruiting, when your current players can convince recruits that they can get all these extra benefits if they come to tOSU. I wish he kept his job, it will make it so much sweeter for Hoke.

  7. This is so absurd to me... I'd rather have another three seasons like the last three than have it come out that we were cheating, even if it meant we were winning. Call me crazy, but the integrity of my Alma Mater is worth more than sticking it to OSU.

  8. "Just goes to show that any idiot with a computer can talk about someone who they have never met." Describes yourself perfectly!

  9. Tressel Lied, got what he deserved, and the biggest problem is that it's all over. As a buckeye fan, I'm done with college football. The fact that Posey and Herron still play on our team is disgusting. But what's more disturbing, is that the BCS and our school gets to keep our money for playing in that game. The BCS is horseshit, the NCAA is a shell and answers to the media--they guy with the biggest story. College football is all about money, and so is college hoops---this dates back to the FAB 5 who knew all of this back then....and I'm willing to bet you were pretty pissed after they took down the banners in Ann Arbor. So shut your mouth, get used to Urban Meyer picking off and hopefully propelling not just OSU and the big 10 to sacred media treatent that the SEC currently experiences...and hop on for the ride....because unless you are willing to write your school and plead to leave the ncaa and ignite the coup of the biggest joke of an association--then I don't want to hear it. Neither should and other self-respecting fan of amateur sports.