Photos (And Video!) From Spring Practice

The media was invited inside Fort Schembechler today for the first time to view spring practice. I was there with camera in tow, of course, to catch a few shots of the action. I will say that I was pretty distracted taking as many shots as I could, but I could feel the energy from both the coaches and players. Mind you, I have very little to compare this practice to, but it felt to me like the spirits were high all around.

I did get one good video of the one's against one's where Denard (from under center) finds Stonum on a post route and Stonum gets stripped of the ball on a nice play by redshirt senior CB Tony Anderson. Watch how fast Denard drops back. I'd say he's adapting well to the Borges offense.


Click images for larger versions. And yes, you're eyes don't deceive you, that is Urban Meyer checking out Michigan's spring ball...likely for his new gig as an analyst for ESPN.

You can view the full set of the photos on my Flickr page.

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