NCAA Agrees With Michigan's Self-Imposed Sanctions

In what boiled down to a 15-month investigation over too much stretching time, the NCAA has decided that Michigan's self-imposed sanctions are just fine, but they'd like to add another year to the 2-year probation Michigan imposed on itself. That probation just lessens the hours of team activities by 130 hours.

If you'd like to read the 29-page report, click here.

If you remember, the NCAA committee found 5 major violations, the most major of course being that Rodriguez failed to "promote an atmosphere of compliance". That was the only violation that Michigan fought. Turns out, they were right, and the NCAA dropped that charge (lessened it to another section of the by-law) . The other 4 violations had to do with too much practice time.

Way to go Detroit Free Press. You've earned your G-Man badge. Rosenberg has my vote for Peabody.

Alright...everyone happy? Got in all their shots at Michigan? It's done. Over with. Much ado about nothing. Can we please move on now?

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