Michigan's Injury Report for Ohio State

Via press release:
University of Michigan Football Injury Report
At Ohio State, Nov. 27, 2010

Ferrara, John                             Knee
Floyd, JT                                       Ankle
Jones, Mike                                Leg
Jones, Teric                                Knee
Odoms, Martavious                Foot
Van Slyke, Jared                       Clavicle
Williams, Mike                           Head
Woolfolk, Troy                          Ankle

Hemingway, Junior                 Head

Gallon, Jeremy                          Shoulder
Martin, Mike                              Ankle
Roh, Craig                                    Head
Smith, Vince                               Head
Stonum, Darryl                          Ankle
All of the 0%-ers we knew about. Hemingway is a bit of a surprise at 50%, we had heard nothing about him until now. The rest all seem as if they should play...this includes Roh, Martin, Smith and Stonum. I'd be very surprised not to see those guys tomorrow. I really like that Taylor Lewan is not on this list...and the same goes for Shaw...and Toussaint.

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