Ohio State To Create It's Own Conference

In electronic documents obtained through channels by MBN investigators, emails from Ohio State University athletic director Gene Smith's personal Compuserve email account suggest that Ohio State is in preliminary but accelerated talks to create it's very own super-conference.

Details are still sketchy, but it seems a few schools have been identified in emails intercepted from Smith to Joe from Eleven Warriors. Among the schools listed for "immediate invitations" to the super-conference are mostly non-conf schools in-which tOSU was able to actually beat over the last few years.

The schools identified as "core opponents" are: New Mexico State, Toledo, Youngstown State, Ohio, Troy, Akron, Kent State, Bowling Green, Northern Illinois and San Diego State.

It was also noted by Smith that tOSU should never have to play an away game. Ever.

One school mentioned in an email dated Jan 2 of this year is Oregon. This school was mentioned by Gene Smith as a "crazy idea". Notre Dame was brought up as an option in an email to Smith, in which Smith replied that he wasn't very fond of France in the fall.

Absent from the list of potential conference foes were USC, Texas, and of course anyone from the SEC.

As we said, details are still tough to come by. We have a team of translators attempting to decipher the code of seemingly random references to "Natty Light" and "Gettin' 'er done". Also attached to each email, possibly in Smith's email signature is a link to this video, which is just so very disturbing.

We'll keep you updated.


  1. So, does this mean Michigan drops to Division II since they can't beat anyone from the MAC and Division I-AA?