Dorsey, USC and Izzo...Oh My!

So much news in the last 24's hard to believe this is really June.

First off, Demar Dorsey. I'll simply say that I had doubts about his voracity ever since he was a last second commit on signing day back in February. On the surface he looks like a shoe-in as far as his football ability. He might have been good enough to start as a freshman next season. But just underneath the surface, there was turmoil.

He had some very unfortunate run-ins with the law in Florida. Some say it was because of the crowd he hung out with that got him into trouble, and that may be. But there was also the question about his academic eligibility as well. Word was that he was considered eligible by UM admissions, but that it might have been a judgment call by Dave Brandon that kept Dorsey from being admitted to the university.

There's a lot of hearsay and speculation about this, but I have a feeling that Brandon was the final word on this kid. And since Dorsey had some legal issues as well as some academic issues before he even stepped foot on campus, Brandon simply told the football coaches "no". Or, in the famous words of Judge Smails..."Some people just don't belong."


Ok, as we speak USC is in the process of being taken to the cleaners by the NCAA. Suspiciously, last night the info was leaked that USC would be put on a 2-year post-season ban, lose 20 scholarships, and that they might have to forfeit all of their 2004 regular season games. Yes, 2004 was a championship year for the Trojans, but since the NCAA has no authority over BCS games, it will be up to the BCS to strip the title from them. Also, it will be up to the Downtown Athletic Club to decide if Matt Leinart (2004 winner) and Reggie Bush (2005 winner) will be able to keep their trophies.

Interestingly, as told by Sam Webb and Ira Weintraub this morning on WTKA, current members of the USC football team with 1 or 2 years of eligibility left will be able to transfer to another school and play immediately.

Let the mass exodus of USC begin.


Lastly, I won't harp too much on this because if it does happen and Izzo leaves to go to the Cavaliers, this blogger will be quite happy, but I did want to mention something about Sparty fans that I've noticed over the last few days.

Since the rumor came out that Izzo was up for the Cavs job, I've noticed a very surprising, yet disturbing reaction from Sparty fan. Most of them seem to want their coach to stay, but honestly don't hold it against him if he were to leave.


Are you kidding me? You don't mind if the greatest thing to ever happen to MSU basketball, the figurehead for your entire athletic program decides to leave and go coach in the pros? You're okay with this? You wish him well? Really!?!?!??!

If I were Sparty fan, I'd be pissed! I'd want to fight like hell to keep Izzo in E. Lansing. If he leaves, he takes all that is great about MSU basketball with him. I don't care how long he's been coaching there or now much he deserves to do what he wants. He's still your coach, and still the whole reason MSU basketball is so revered throughout the country. This is equivalent to Bo leaving in the mid-80s to go coach the Cleveland Browns or something. It's ridiculous.

If its about money, I get that. It would be a huge payday for Izzo and it's probably the best opportunity that he could have ever hoped for if NBA coaching is his ultimate goal. But still, I'm, shocked at the relative apathy that Spartan fans have for their greatest coach ever to want to leave.

Sparty fan is surprisingly..."cavalier" about the whole situation. Hey-oh! Come one, you gotta give me some credit for that one.

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