New Unis?

Just came down the pipe on mgoblog [PANIC!], Michigan TE Martell Webb just dropped the following bomb on his Twitter feed [#WorldWideWebb80]:
To My Followers: There will Be New Jerseys For The 2010 Football Season..I Don't really know the details yet.. But I Will Keep you posted.
And then...chaos ensued. Car alarms started going off. Babies started crying. Oil platforms in the gulf started exploding (too soon?). You get the idea. Any mention of new or different jerseys in or around Ann Arbor is easily big enough news to alert homeland security.

The Ann Arbor FBI field office was not available for comment.

Guesses by Brian at mgochaos as to what changes could be made:

  1. Numbers will be replaced with hieroglyphs depicting wolverines in various states of repose, anger, and triumph.
  2. The pants will contain a legend for the hieroglyphs…
  3. …and a treasure map!
  4. Bamboo socks.
  5. One shoulder will have epaulets.
Doing his due diligence, possibly by gunpoint, and keep his loyal subjects posted, Webb tweeted the following about an hour later:
Sorry For The Misunderstanding..I Know A Lot Of People Thought I Meant A New Style Of Jerseys. Its Only New Material That Fits A Lot Better.
Seems all is calm for now. Back away from the edge. You can put your defibrillators back in the closet. There is nothing to see here. material? WHAT NEW MATERIAL? SUEDE, SILK, A HYBRID POLY-COTTON BLEND????? WHAT!?!?!?! DETAILS!!!! AHHGHHGGHH!

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