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From time to time, news builds up (even in May), and it just makes sense to dump all that news into one post. So here it is.

• Michigan held the annual Champions for Children's Hearts golf outing on Sunday at Ann Arbor Golf and Outing. The event is put on by alums Brian Griese, Steve Hutchinson and Charles Woodson. Since 2007, the outing has become more and more of a success, raising more than $1.2 million dollars, $1 million of that going directly to the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. [ Story]

• Rodriguez, while at the golf outing, offered up an update on C David Molk's injury status. [Link]
 “I don’t know where he’s at running wise or anything like that, but I saw him the other day, he walked by the office, and he looks great,” Rodriguez said. “I think he was anxious to do more in the spring but obviously for precautionary reasons we held him out but I think he’ll be 100 percent certainly for August stuff.”
 Also updated, DE Will Heninger's status.
“We’re hoping to have him back by midseason,” Rodriguez said.
• Now with the conference expansion and the new recruits you must stay alert finding out which teams will be true contender next year and especially which will have the most favorable NCAA Football Odds to win it all.

• Conference expansion is all the rage now thanks to the Big Ten. But the first conference to make the move could very well be the Mountain West Conference. The Idaho Statesman reports that Boise State could very well be set to join the conference soon.

• Former RB Mike Hart tells Detroit News writer Angelique Chengelis that he does not regret making the "Little Brother" comment in 2007. On Friday, Hart took part in the Mott WTKA take-over, and appeared on the air with former QB Drew Henson.
"I don't regret what I said. If I had a chance to say it again, would I say it? ... Yes, no question about it."
Henson then added: "Because they won't hold their feelings back, either. Sparty will tell you what they think."
• And finally, some NCAA news. [Via MVictors] According to President Mary Sue Coleman, in a speech given to Boston-area alums, Michigan is set to deliver it's self-imposed sanctions to the NCAA by the Mat 24th deadline.

Greg at MVictors did some legwork to get the official response to the Coleman speech from Michigan media relations' Bruce Madej to help clear the air:
"As we said during the February 23rd press conference, May 24th is the date we must have the self-imposed infractions to the NCAA.  After the NCAA receives and reads the report, we will release the information the following day."
So, expect to be able to find out what Michigan thinks is adequate sanctions on May 25th. It won't be until August 13-14 that we'll find out what the NCAA thinks about the report that Michigan will submit later this month.

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