Tiger, Rodriguez Radio, Heininger Torn ALC, Roy Ochocinco

Just a couple news bits to update you on.

• Light day here at MBN studios as we continue to contemplate the significance (or lack thereof), of Nike's latest TV spot. I think it's interesting that while some of Tiger's sponsors ran away from him at the first sign of trouble, Nike's creative agency was busy scripting a commercial to exploit their largest asset's extra-marital affairs.

First of all, I applaud the idea. It's an impactful spot that truly does what it's supposed to do...which is to make you think, and create discussion. But is it a little too soon? And do we really need to see 3 Nike swooshes? This man is purely a corporate monkey at this point.

Why do I say that? Well last night Masters chairman Billy Payne gave his opening statement for the 2010 Masters. In it, he pretty much gave Woods a verbal spanking.
"Our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children," said Payne. "It is not simply the degree of his conduct that is so egregious here, it is the fact he disappointed all of us and more importantly our kids and our grand kids."
A little too heavy? Maybe. But then, in today's opening round, he's set to tee off at 1:42PM...just in time to have the entire world tune in in the afternoon to see him play. No chance in hell Payne has Tiger tee off at 6:40AM and finish before the broadcast airs live in ESPN.

• Rich Rodriguez joined Bill Simonson on the Huge Show yesterday to discuss the defense, spring game, Demar Dorsey, Dave Brandon and all the other important spring issues that have Michigan fans up at night. [Link to MVictors audio]

• Backup DE Will Heininger suffered a torn ACL in practice a couple days ago. I meant to post this earlier, as I do think this could be a big blow for the depth of our defensive line. No question we're thin up front...okay...all over. It's not clear whether or not he'll miss any time this fall, but clearly an injury like this is not something you just come back from right away.

• ESPN Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg is in Michigan this week visiting MSU and UofM to get the lowdown on both school's spring practice, and to his dismay, he's taken back by the overwhelmingly positive attitudes he encountered at Schembechler Hall. Not that he was probably expecting doom and gloom, but maybe with all the struggles and negative news coming out of Ann Arbor recently, the overall feeling should be a little more subdued.
There's a lot of doom and gloom outside the Michigan program, but inside Schembechler Hall, there's definitely a different feeling among players and coaches. They know Year 3 is critical and another losing season will not be tolerated, but no one is walking on eggshells in here. Several players told me they're having fun playing football again, particularly in practice. "We can dance in practice now," wide receiver Roy Roundtree said, smiling. "Freshman and sophomore year, no one could really dance. But the only time we can dance is if we make a big play or score a touchdown." Who's the best dancer? "Kevin Koger," Roundtree said. "Denard, too. I said I might do a Chad Ochocinco if I score a touchdown."

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  1. Re: Payne, I just don't understand why the guy said what he said. Talk about the new sprinklers and Nicklaus and Palmer teeing off or whatever. If anything, say that he's disappointed with Tiger's behavior, hopes he finds redemption and leave it at that.

    G -MVictors