Spring Game Sights

A full-fledged review is on the way, and will be posted Monday. Until then, some sights from the day.

We had the pleasure of covering the spring game with a media pass this year, thanks to the good folks at the media relations department at UofM. So unfettered access is what we enjoyed yesterday at the Big House. Some photos and videos for your enjoyment.

The patch job done to the vandalized block-M at midfield looks just like that, a patch job. Hopefully a better job will be done to make it match the rest of the M before fall.

The old pressbox is just a memory. In it's place, seats with seat-backs. For now, just a work in progress.

One thing that I was concerned about, was the symbolic "Michigan Stadium" letters that used to adorn the roof of the old pressbox. Would those icons get a new home? Answer: Yes. Underneath the east pressbox in the concourse just outside sections 2 and 44.

I'll have a few videos posted with the review tomorrow, so until then Frank Beckman, who called the play-by-play from the sideline along with Jim Brandstatter, says hello!

A slideshow of the rest of the my photos from the day can be seen here or below. Enjoy!

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  1. I've seen multiple stories stating that the entire field is being replaced this summer, so don't worry about the lousy patch job - I think that was about the last time you'll ever see it.