Texas Update

Kirk Bohls' bologna has a first name, it's B-I-G-T-E-N. In his editorial for The Statesman, he assures his readers that all this Texas to the Big Ten talk is just a bunch of hooey.

I'll put this as succinctly as possible: Texas isn't joining the Big Ten. No way, no how. So put down your Ohio State pompoms and that JoePa pennant.

That straightforward enough?

The possibility that the Longhorns could be enticed to join the oldest conference in the nation was raised again by recent out-of-state blogs quoting anonymous sources.

Don't pack your parka for Madison and Ann Arbor quite yet.

I've been assured by higher-ups at Texas that this is nothing more than a wishlist on the Big Ten's part. As one school official said, "We're the good-looking girl at the dance." Another even higher up the food chain told me, "It ain't going to happen."

I'll go ahead and second this statement. Texas to the Big Ten is a wet dream for journalists and bloggers. But one thing that keeps crazy idea alive is the fact that Texas would be cashing-in big time by joining the Big Ten. Its a financial windfall for both parties. I think the biggest hurdle is actually making this happen because of it's shear awesomeness.

That, and the fact that Texas A&M would probably have to come along with them if Texas decided to jump to the Big Ten. The prospect of adding Texas and Texas A&M, along with a 14th team to balance it out is way more than Jim Delaney is capable of.

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