Programming Note, NCAA Inquiry Notes

We're leaving for a nice little mid-winter vacation posting will cease until mid-next week. Until then, please enjoy the absolute slowest point of the college football year. Seriously, nothing is going on right now. Bowls are long gone, recruiting is wrapped for the 2010 class, it's too early to care about spring ball, and we can't speak intelligently about what to expect for the 2010 if we're able to speak intelligently at all!

The only thing worth discussing right now is possibly the results of the NCAA inquiry into "practice-gate" that stemmed from the Free Press article by all-around-great-guy Michael Rosenberg last summer.

The Michigan board of regents gathered a couple weeks ago to discuss the results of the inquiry (note: not an "investigation" but an "inquiry"), and the meeting wrapped with no one talking about it publicly...obviously.

When can we expect to discover what the NCAA found out? I honestly don't know. What I do know is, the regents know what the NCAA concluded, but have yet to know what the final verdict is going to be as far as violations go. But word on the street is no major violations are expected to have been committed.

We might have to deal with possible loss of scholarships...but that's probably the worst-case situation. No forfeiting of games or loss of post-season bowls are expected.

More on this as news develops.

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