Weis Runs His Fat Mouth, And Other Big News

When there is a lack of big news (hello off-season), little news seems to creep up and become big news be default. So today is devoted to the little news...which is now big news, because there is no real big news.

Charlie Weis drops the H-bomb.
That's right folks. Charlie Weis, the blimp of a coach at Notre Dame, the 3-9 Notre Dame from last year...that Notre Dame, is talking smack about Michigan. The same Michigan who put a hurting on #2 Notre Dame in 2006 and an even bigger hurting on them in 2007. To quote the pear-shaped coach, "The Hell with Michigan". That was what he said during a dinner/luncheon/binge-eating session with fans prior to the spring game on April 19th.

Que the video to about the 0:50 mark for the drop.

Video courtesy of Yost at the MZone. And the story can be found at DetNews.com.

Also making little news is the supposed issuing of the #1 jersey number to an unnamed freshman defensive back...and not a wide receiver, as per usual tradition at Michigan. Bryalon Edwards was on ESPN's The Herd a couple days ago talking about this.

"I'm glad you gave me a 'Go Blue' question, because Rich Rod gave the No. 1 jersey to an incoming freshman DB," Edwards said, sounding somewhat annoyed. "The No. 1 jersey has never been worn by anybody outside of a wide receiver -- it dates back to Anthony Carter, so I'm going to have a talk with (Rodriguez) about that next time I see him. But outside of that, he's been doing a great job."

"No freshman will be allowed to wear the No. 1," Edwards said. "The number holds too much significance and too much value. There are three criteria to receive it: first, no freshmen; second, the GPA (grade-point average); third, off-the-field conduct."

Maybe Rodriguez just didn't know about the 30-plus year tradition of the fabled #1 jersey. If not, I'm sure he does by now. And, btw, the DB rumored to the recipient of the #1 is JT Floyd. But whether or not he'll have it on August 30th remains to be seen.

Also barely qualifying as news...BTN and Comcast seem to be in agreement. And the not-so-wonderful BTN will be gracing their air by the start of the football season. I have no official links to this story. Mainly because I just don't care enough to dig for them. But trust me, it's out there somewhere.

And...THE Ohio State University is making news again. This time on SI.com's top 5 sports franchises that everyone loves to hate.

1. Any Team from Boston
2. New York Yankees
3. Los Angeles Lakers
4. THE Ohio State University
5. Chelsea Football Club*

I don't know about you, but those Chelsea Blues...I hate them so much!

I'd like to add a 1B to that list, and that would be Notre Dame. So many people hate Notre Dame...including yours truly. Rudy, the Dome, that damn fight song, the gold in the paint, Lou Holtz, Bob Davie, Charlie Weis...what's not to hate? It just seems to me that OSU cannot come close to the same level of hate that the Irish enjoy around the country. I mean, no one hated the Buffalo Bills when they kept blowing Super Bowls.

*European Football...Soccer. Riots and whatnot.

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