No #1 For You!

The word on the street, and by street I mean that no one will get to wear the #1 uniform next year.

After word got out that J.T. Floyd, a true freshman DB would be wearing the number, most Michigan faithful, including some high profile NFL stars voiced their disagreement immediately. The loudest of which, came from none other than maybe the greatest WR ever to grace the #1 jersey at Michigan...Braylon Edwards.

After last weekend's charity golf event, which Edwards attended, he spoke with Rich Rodriguez to try and straighten the whole mess out. Edwards, after all, donates scholarship money to the university for the player wearing the famous #1. So he aught to have a say, right?

As it turned out, Rodriguez was just filling out the roster. He knew nothing of the lore behind a standout WR getting the #1.

"I'll plead ignorant on that," Rodriguez. "If I can fix all problems as easy I can fix that one, we're all in a good place."

There were rumors that the former coaching staff had promised the #1 to incoming freshman WR Darryl Stonum, but this blog finds that very hard to believe.

Also, for your consideration...a YouTube video someone posted of the stadium renovation. If our new offensive scheme doesn't intimidate opponents, maybe our towering steel girders will? Don't know what the deal is with the music, but eh? Thanks to mgoblog for the link.

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