Marijuana Mario

Good news, Mario Manningham liked to get baked while he was at Michigan.

According to the Ann Arbor News, Mannignham admitted this week, that he smoked marijuana and was tested positive twice during his college career. In an attempt to come clean and make himself look a little more respectable, Manningham sent a letter to NFL teams that contradicted his previous claim at the NFL combine in February that he never tested positive.
"I don't use marijuana anymore - and I have passed tests since," Manningham wrote. "I know what is at stake for me, and my career. I am learning what it is going to take to be a professional. I am writing this letter because I just want a fair evaluation, and I want to be accountable for my actions. I am willing to be re-interviewed, re-tested, and to undergo any evaluation any team wants me to undergo."
He also wrote that he was suspended for the 2007 Eastern Michigan game because Coach Carr thought he was "lacking focus".

Me wonders if he might have been "lacking focus" as he dropped pass after pass in the Ohio State game???

Either way...he's history. We move on.

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