Friday Link-a-Thon

Well, its Friday. And that means its time for another link-fest. I have no honest content this week, but many others do.

We'll start things off with an article from Sports Illustrated about Rich Rodriguez and the changes he's bringing to stodgy old Michigan. Its a decent read...nothing most Michigan blog readers probably don't already know.

If you have an interest in going to the spring game this year, hold your horses. While there will be a game played on April 12th, it won't be at the Big House. As the stadium undergoes renovations, the annual spring scrimmage has been moved to Saline High School. But don't plan on going. Attendance is by invite only. Saline's stadium only holds about 10,000 fans, far too few to seat the usual 25,000 that attend at the Big House.

However the game will be aired live on the Big Ten Network. So if you have any cable provider other than Comcast, you're in luck!

But, if you want to tempt fate and try and get a first hand glimpse of Rich and his new spread in person, and you have some extra camouflage gear sitting around, has you covered.

We here at MBN can not get enough of Mike Barwis and his new strength conditioning program he's got the team on. And anytime we can get to hear more about it, the better.

And finally, I stumbled upon this little web jem the other day...SI Vault. Its the complete history of Sports Illustrated for free on the web. Every article, every cover, every image, every page ever printed is now available online for you, the general public. Now you can re-live all the SI bias that we've come to adore all these years!

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