2023 National Champs Poster

I wanted to make something special. Last season was incredible on so many levels, so it took me a minute to figure out what to do and how to do it. Those who follow me know I do the STAT-O every week during the season, so this poster is sort of a special take on that. 

Any championship run is the columniation of every game played. Michigan's undefeated season was historic. This design is meant to reflect that. Home games in blue, away games in maize, the Big Ten title game and Rose Bowl in white, and of course the 2024 CFP title game in black. Also, just for fun, the little boxes below the team logos are the uniform combos used by each team...helmet, jersey, pants and socks.

I didn't make this to sell it. I'm not a professional designer and there are logos on here and I don't want to get in trouble. So I'm just posting the links to high-res files that you can download and do with as you please. The resolution is high enough to make a decently big print if you want. Frame it for your office or man cave, print on metal, wallpaper your guest bathroom...it's up to you!

This is just my small way of saying "thank you" for following me all these years.

And if you're so inclined and want to show your appreciation, buy me a beer

High-res files:
TIFF (68.7 MB) - Best for printing
PNG (16.7 MB)

Thanks and Go Blue!

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