2022 Schedule Desktops and Phone Backgrounds

Because we can, and they're awesome!


The days (and nights) are hot and muggy. Nothing but baseball and golf as far as the TV remote can see. Barbecues, family vacations, lake trips and weddings are filling up our precious weekends. 

But it's coming. 

Football is coming.

And not a weekend too soon, either. Once the calendar flips to August, it's a full-on sprint to Labor Day and thus, the return of our beloved pastime. And what better way to help usher that along than to populate our screens with fun Michigan football graphics? We here at MBN have a special treat for everyone...2022 schedule desktops and phone backgrounds featuring photos all taken by our gameday photographer Zoey Holmstrom!

She's pretty great and we can't to have her back for 2022. But in the meantime, enjoy these desktops and backgrounds. I tried to make them in the most universal aspect ratio possible to fit most computer/phone screens, but of course, they might not be perfect.

We've been meaning to do something like this for a long time, and I've finally gotten around to actually doing it. I hope for this to become more of a yearly tradition around here.

Enjoy and Go Blue!

Computer 2022 schedule wallpapers (3840x2160) [Click to embiggen and download]

Mobile wallpapers (1170x2532)

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