Big Ten Week 6 Power Rankings

Fresh rankings heading into a B1G showdown weekend

Photo: Zoey Holmstrom

B1G Week 6 Power Rankings
Rank Team Change
 1 Ohio State   -
 2 Iowa  ↑1
 3 Penn State  ↓1
 4 Michigan  -
 5 Michigan State  ↑1
 6 Nebraska  ↑4
 7 Wisconsin  -
 8 Maryland  ↓2
 9 Rutgers  ↓1
 10 Indiana  ↓1
 11 Minnesota  ↑1
 12 Purdue  ↓1
 13 Illinois  ↑1
 14  Northwestern  ↓1

  • Welp, much to the chagrin of, well everyone, the Buckeyes becoming more and more like their old selves each week. I see no reason why they won't cruise through October and head into their showdown with Penn State on Oct 30 with just their one loss.
  • Speaking of Penn State, I watched their 24-0 win over Indiana last week...and honestly, I was sort of unimpressed. I thought Penn State would roll through the Hoosiers with ease...given it was a white out night game at home, but this one was kinda close the whole way. We'll find out much more tomorrow when they head to Iowa City for their big showdown with #3 Iowa.
  • Michigan State continues to impress, as does Nebraska. Both schools are playing above their pay grade this year (or in Nebraska's case, since week 4), and I think it's going to be very interesting to see how these two teams perform as things get tougher down the stretch.
  • The bottom half of the league is kind of a mess right now. Indiana was very disappointing in Happy Valley last week...and I assume will be vs Michigan State this week.
  • Rutgers has been officially exposed, dropping one of their biggest home games ever to the Buckeyes 52-13. 
  • The bottom 4 are interchangable at this point, with Northwestern claiming the bottom spot this week, losing 56-7 to a 2-3 Nebraska team. And let's be clear, no one is reading this site to find out what I think about the bottom of the league.

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