Enough is Enough

What more need be said?

Fans can vent, bicker, pontificate all they want...but once the high-profile football alums start taking to social media and calling for action...that's when shit starts to get real.

We're there now.

The Mood has been dragging along the ocean floor for weeks now. Obviously, something is broken and it's not getting any better. In this season of COVID, where the typical flow of a college football season has been anything but typical...perhaps this perfect storm of confusion and disruption has finally done in a Harbaugh coaching tenure that was probably teetering closer to the edge than we all thought.

Sure, you can blame the players. But that's not the real issue. When you have systemic issues like Michigan's, I think it all boils down to the culture.

You could see it yesterday on the broadcast when the players ran out of the tunnel. There was no fire, no excitement, no juice. Guys just looked like they didn't even want to be there. Say what you want about recruiting rankings...sure Michigan lags well behind teams like Ohio State and Alabama...but these are still talented accomplished young men. And if they're not flying out of that tunnel prepared to go to war...then that's tells me there's a motivation issue and it has nothing to do with talent.

That's coaching. That's culture. That's not on the players nor is it on the assistants. And it all stems from Harbaugh. This is his team...his program. And it is completely lost.

I think we could all feel this coming, but surely no one expected the drop off to be this dramatic. I like Jim Harbaugh and I think he at least used to be a very capable coach. But when he was hired, we all heard the stories from former players like 49er Alex Boone...
"He does a great job of giving you that spark, that initial boom," Boone said, via NBC Sports. "But after a while, you just want to kick his ass. ... He just keeps pushing you, and you're like, 'Dude, we got over the mountain. Stop. Let go.' He kind of wore out his welcome."

"I think he just pushed guys too far," the former Ohio State player said. " He wanted too much, demanded too much, expected too much. You know, 'We gotta go out and do this. We gotta go out and do this. We gotta go out and do this.' And you'd be like, 'This guy might be clinically insane. He's crazy.' ... I think that if you're stuck in your ways enough, eventually people are just going to say, 'Listen, we just can't work with this.'"

Harbaugh even admitted to Kremer that he knows his style can wear on people.

"It must be true, yeah," Harbaugh said. "Sometimes I'd wear out my welcome."

"What does that mean you wear out your welcome?" Kremer asked.

"They just don't want to be around you after a while," Harbaugh replied.
...and we just decided it was worth the risk because Michigan needed Jim Harbaugh to come to the rescue. And initially, he did. But a few bad bounces and tough calls and all of the sudden the frustrations began to mount. To this day, Jim Harbaugh has yet to win a game at Michigan he wasn't supposed to win. For a coach who made a living on resurrecting programs, that magic just failed to materialize at Michigan.

It's time to move on – for both Michigan and Jim Harbaugh. It's just didn't work and it's not going to work now. For Michigan, it's a horrible pill to swallow. Who do you get that will work? I have no idea. I don't think anyone does. It's back to the drawing board time and that's not what anyone expected when Harbaugh first walked back on campus almost 6 years ago.

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