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What are the M bloggers saying about Michigan's win over Florida?

Mike Mulholland | MLive
Despite a brief hiccup in the 2nd quarter, the Wolverines left Dallas with a decisive victory over a vastly overmatched Florida Gators squad. Worth noting: this was the first time a ranked Big Ten team beat a ranked SEC team in the regular season...ever. Thats...pretty awesome!

The Michigan bloggers have taken to their keyboards once again to break down what we saw, how we felt, and more importantly, what it all means. Here's what we're reading today.

Eventually, the score reflected Michigan's dominance. The offense turned up the tempo on their opening drive of the second half, springing Ty Isaac free for 18 yards on a fourth-and-one to set up a Karan Higdon touchdown plunge. While the offense could only muster two Quinn Nordin field goals—and two Nordin missses—after that score, the defense hardly required help. They held the Gators to a total of 192 yards and capped the scoring when Noah Furbush dove on a fumble forced by Chase Winovich in the end zone.

Maize and Go Blue:
The first game of the season is always a bit of a mystery as teams break in new players and work out some kinks as they hit the field for the first time after months of preparation. Ohio State struggled with Indiana in the first half before pulling away in the second. Washington struggled with Rutgers and Wisconsin struggled with Utah State on Friday night before both pulled away.

Michigan was one of the few ranked teams nationally to face a ranked power-five opponent, and despite having their share of struggles in the first half, dominated the second half to claim a resounding 33-17 win.

MVictors (Dr. Sap):
OFFENSIVE CHAMPION – For those of you who were panicking midway through the 2ndquarter, yours truly included, I harkened back to some sage old advice that Bo Schembechler used to always mention when the going got tough: “It’s time to get back to basics, and play Michigan Football.” How does that happen? You run the football. Ty Isaacdid just that against Florida. Not only did he gain 114 yards, but his clutch runs on 3rddown kept drives alive and that seemed to be the spark Michigan needed to get their mojo back. The runs and play-calling were very reminiscent of what Bo & Jerry Hanlon would call on 3rd & long back in the day – draw plays – and Isaac delivered clutch 1st downs when they were desperately needed.

Hoover Street Rag:
It is our nature to want to draw conclusions from the limited data we have at this point, it's only slightly less foolish than making predictions based on the data we have on paper about teams. But this was one of the four big tests (on paper) Michigan was looking at this season, and it passed it. It was not perfect, but the errors made were not uncorrectable. This can be a great team if it can correct those errors and if the innocent freshmen turn into experienced veterans sooner rather than later. I trust that they can and will. Michigan comes home to face Cincinnati next week and hopefully cleans up the mistakes.

The Wolverines played with fierce intensity, tired out the opposition, and showed skills beyond their years. They were the bigger, stronger, faster team, and yes, the better coached team. I thought it was right for Harbaugh to give Wilton a little time to reflect on the bench, although he will likely paint it that he was going to use John O’Korn anyway.

Still, nice move, something I was surprised wasn’t done against OSU last season when Wilton threw a couple of interceptions against them. Wilton should be credited for stopping the damage, and engineering a win in the second half.

Maize N Brew:
It wasn’t pretty, but Michigan did enough to get the win

The Michigan Wolverines kicked off the football season against the Florida Gators at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The tilt was billed as a big-time game, and it sure was. Ups and downs, peaks and valleys. The Wolverines endured the bad moments to come out victorious, topping Florida 33-17.

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