Thanks to Red

The only thing that is constant is change.

For 33 years, the Michigan hockey program was under the fabled stewardship of one of the greatest collegiate hockey coaches to ever stand behind the bench. As timeless and as graceful as the building he coached in, Red Berenson was everything to Michigan hockey and a great ambassador to the entire hockey culture in this part of the country.

I don't claim for a second to have any unique insight into Michigan hockey or Red Berenson (I've only covered one Michigan hockey game ever...see photo above) but I do know class when I see it and Red most certainly exuded it. Any mention of the greatest coaches to ever work at the University of Michigan would certainly would include him. He was the standard. 848 wins and more accolades than you can imagine...on top of shepherding hundreds of young men through the program and onto their next careers...are just a few reasons why Red had achieved his legendary, iconic status.

But it seemed as if the years had finally caught up to Red. The game had passed him by. One of the hardest things about being a legend is knowing when to let it go. Some don't have that wiring. Whether by choice or by force, the how and the why of this decision is not really for me to decipher. Michigan hockey was saved by Red Berenson when he stepped in 33 years ago...and the next chapter, while still a mystery, will be one that Michigan hockey fans will be proud of.

Thanks to Red.

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