The College Football Winter Solstice

College Football Winter Solstice?


Today, May 4th, marks the halfway point between January 11, 2016 and August 26, 2016. Yep...the offseason doesn't get much more offseason-ier than this. The good news is, we've reached the tipping point and it's all downhill from here. All we have to do is get through these next few months, which are inexplicably owned by baseball for reasons passing understanding.

Seriously, how does baseball...the sporting world's tryptophan...get top billing during the warmest, most outdoor-sports-friendly months of the year, while the football calendar dips into January?

You want to end the SEC/southern stanglehold on college football? Start the CFB season in June. Done.

It's also May the 4th. Ya know, Star Wars? May the fourth be with you?

Yeah. We've achieved full offseason. When I can finally muster the time and energy to finally post something...this is the best I can do. I promise there is meaningful content on its way soon. I'm currently efforting the 2016 edition of the Big Ten Coaches Hot Seat which should find its way onto these pages any day now.

I know, I'm excited too!

[sleeping wolverine pic: MZone]

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