Butt Back

Jake Butt is coming back for his senior season to try and prove the old Schembechler adage that "Those Who Stay Will Be Champions".

The obvious effect this will have on the 2016 offense is obvious. With a new QB and a running game that, let's just say...needs some help, this will be a very welcome sight in the huddle next season. Jake Butt is an All-B1G tight end this season with every chance to be an All-American next season.

With his experience so far at Michigan and this decision today, Jake Butt has emerged as a true leader for next year's team.

Yesterday, Butt said he was 50-50 on whether to stay or go pro. All he needed to do was sit down with Harbaugh to get some guidance. Well, it appears we now know what that guidance was.

Jake Butt and All-American cornerback Jourdan Lewis are the only two Wolverine who's draft stock was high enough to merit early consideration. With Butt announcing today and Lewis insinuating numerous times over the course of the season that he wants to stay in Ann Arbor, it appears Michigan is in a good position to keep both on campus for another season.

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