Jim Harbaugh: The Most Interesting Man in the World

Jim Harbaugh tweeted out a congrats to Judge Judy yesterday on her new contract extension. Back in 2013, he and his dad sat in on a taping of a show (image via r/CFB). And because we're on the internet…yep, there's video…

Like kids on Christmas morning.

When he's not coaching football or playing the piccolo, destroying kids at laser tag, attending a courtroom TV show taping, playing Screech's cousin on Saved by the Bell, shopping for khakis at Walmart, he's probably with his family at Cracker Barrel – his favorite restaurant. And in between all of these odd things when he's driving down the freeway, he's stopping to rescue people from an overturned SUV after crashing in snowy conditions.
Harbaugh and James Minick, who is a member of the university's athletic staff, were traveling eastbound on I-94 when they saw the crashed SUV. They helped the passenger -- a 73-year-old woman -- out of the Jeep. Harbaugh and Minick also assisted the partially-ejected driver with first-aid. Moreover, they used coats to keep the injured passenger warm until EMS arrived. 
The simple truth is, Jim Harbaugh…not this other guy...is the most interesting man in the world.
For Michigan fans, this is a little weird. We're not used to this. At all. We're too used to grumpy old Lloyd Carr or Rich Rod who desperately wanted to be a Michigan Man™ and Brady Hoke who, let's face it, was not the most comfortable guy in front of the camera or in the public spotlight.

But not Jim Harbaugh. It's not that he goes out of his way to get public attention, but he gets it because of the kind of guy he is. He's just…weird. But in a good way.

He's also authentic. If I had to pick one word to describe Jim Harbaugh, that would be it. There's no one else out there like him.

His insane passion, child-like enthusiasm and high football acumen have already given Michigan fans everything they ever wanted in a football coach, despite not even coaching a game yet. And that's a little strange because in most places, especially Ann Arbor, its all about results in the win-loss column.

After two big misses with Rodriguez and Hoke, you'd think the fanbase would be a little more skeptical. But with Jim Harbaugh, oddly, there's just this sense that Michigan is going to be just fine. There's no question of if Michigan will be great again, it's when. And while that would be a huge achievement for any new coach, for Jim, it's just the reality. It's built in.

Because Jim Harbaugh, with all his quirks and oddities, has proven he is a tremendous football coach. He comes from a family of great football coaches. The only Harbaugh to ever lose a Super Bowl only lost because there was an older Harbaugh coaching the other team. If there's only one thing every Harbaugh does everywhere they go…it's that they just win.

If his first 63 days on the job, Jim has won over the Michigan fanbase and united everyone with Maize & Blue allegiances…and let that be his first major victory at Michigan.

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  1. JIM HARBAUGH : The Man , The Myth , The Legend !!! GO BLUE !