Media Day Photos

Today was media day for Team 135. As is the case most media days, the air around Schembechler Hall was full of hopeful optimism. The coaches and players were ready for us with the typical answers you'd expect to hear on a day like this. But there were some interesting depth chart/personnel tidbits dropped by Hoke during the presser, which we'll get to.

Going through my photos from today, it hit me. I've been going to media day now for 5 years, and Devin Gardner has been there for each and every one of them.
2010 to 2014. He's grown up right before our very eyes.

I was also able to go over and check out the kid's day festivities going on at the stadium. There, they had a one-armed mannequin (hope that's not a bad foreshadow) modeling the "Go Blue" unis that'll be used for the Penn State game. Click to embiggen.

First off, I like the pants the most. They're pretty sharp. The jersey is fine, I have no problem with it. It looks to me like an effort was made to maintain a more maize-colored maize on the uni...which I can appreciate. But those highlighter yellow cleats tho...

Anyways, here's my complete photo set. Enjoy!

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