Friday's Future Huddle has a California Feeling

The coaching staff hit the west coast this past week. Who received an offer? Which two Michigan targets will be rooming together at the Rivals 5 star Challenge? Which transfer will be visiting Ann Arbor next week? Find out in this Fridays version of “The Future Huddle”

With Michigan landing Alex Malzone two weeks ago, the coaching staff has turned their attention towards finding the quarterback for 2016. The staff headed out to the west coast this week and, offered two highly touted quarterbacks.

2016 QB KJ Costello received a scholarship offer on Wednesday.

                Height: 6’4
                Weight: 213
                Current High School: Santa Margarita Catholic (Santa Margarita, CA)
                Position: Pro QB
                24/7 Rating: 4 Stars, #139 overall, #5 Pro QB
                ESPN Rating: NR
                Rivals Rating: NR
                Scout Rating: 4 Stars
                Other Offers:  California, Florida State, Miami, Tennessee

KJ is your prototypical pocket passer. Even though it’s very early in the recruiting process, KJ is one of the hottest QB prospects in California. Costello has very good field vision and, a keen understanding of the coverage’s in front of him.  He constantly steps up into the pocket and throws the ball with good “zip”. Although KJ is considered a “pro-style quarterback” he has no problem getting out of the pocket and picking up the first down with his feet. KJ is not the most accurate passer I’ve watched on film but, with two more years of high school ball left, he will be working on cutting down his errors.As a sophomore, KJ threw for 1,478 yards and 13 touchdowns.
Costello will visit Michigan on June 15th.

2016 QB Malik Henry was the second Quarterback to be offered this week. 

    Height: 6’3
                Weight: 180
                Current High School: Westlake High School (Thousand Oaks, CA) 
                Position: Dual QB
                24/7 Rating: 4 Stars, #13 overall, #1 Dual QB
                ESPN Rating: NR
                Rivals Rating: NR
                Scout Rating: 4 Stars
                Other Offers: Arizona State, Florida State, Notre Dame, UCLA, USC

It’s early on in the recruiting cycle but, Henry is going to be one of the class gems in 2016. Already ranked as the number one dual threat QB by 24/7, Malik should see himself gain his 5th star within the next year. Being rated as a dual threat QB, one would think that Malik maybe doesn't throw the ball so well. That couldn't be the furthest from the truth. Malik can step up into the pocket and get the ball in the receiver’s hands. He has very good pocket awareness and when feeling pressure, breaks away from the pocket to rush the ball. He throws the ball with very good velocity. Weighing only 180 pounds, Henry will have to add on some much needed weight before becoming a college starter. Malik is currently being recruited by Coach Nussmeier.

Malik is a split 50/50 crystal ball reading between USC and UCLA.

He threw for 2,362 yards with 21 touchdowns in 2013 as a sophomore for Westlake High School. He also rushed for 99 yards and 4 touchdowns.

2016 WR Steve Smothers was offered a scholarship on Tuesday afternoon. 

    Height: 5’9
                Weight: 152
                Current High School: Franklin High School (Reistertown, MD)
                Position: WR
                24/7 Rating: 4 Stars, #62 overall, #9 WR 
                ESPN Rating: NR
                Rivals Rating: NR
                Scout Rating:  4 Stars
                Other Offers: N.C State, Ohio State, West Virginia, Florida, Alabama  

Steve Smothers is fast, very fast. He has a second gear that you don’t see very often from high school prospects.  Whatever college Steve ends up at, they will have a very dangerous receiver on their roster. Smothers has excellent cuts in his run and, can make almost any defender miss. Being only 150 pounds, doesn't stop Steve from avoiding contact with defenders. From his highlight film above, you can see that Smothers has no problem cutting across the middle of the field and making catches or, going down the sidelines for the deep pass. Although he played as a more traditional receiver in high school, Steve could be a very adequate slot receiver in college. Being only 5’10, Steve could potentially see problems with bigger defensive backs. He has the speed to outrun linebackers, so having him in the slot could lead to dozens of catches and big yardage plays. Steve recently told MGoBlog's Brandon Brown that he would like to commit a week after NSD. Ohio State is his presumed leader at this point. 

Steve racked up 1,494 receiving yards and 18 touchdowns as sophomore at Franklin High School. 

2016 DE Janarius Robinson was offered a scholarship by the coaching staff on Wednesday.

    Height: 6’5
                Weight: 230        
                Current High School: Bay High School (Panama City, FL)
                Position: Weak Side Defensive End
                24/7 Rating: 4 Stars, #65 Overall, #5 Weak-Side DE
                ESPN Rating: NR
                Rivals Rating: NR
                Scout Rating: 4 Stars
                Other Offers: Florida State, Clemson, N.C State, Tennessee

Janarius is a rising 2016 DE prospect.  Although many consider Robinson to be “raw”, he has all the tools to become a great college football player. He’s extremely quick for a kid his size with a reported 4.62 40-yard dash. Janarius uses his speed and size to his advantage, bull rushing kids on the offensive line and breaking in towards the quarterback.  Robinson already has the frame size to step into college and see playing time early.

The only flaw I see in Janarius game is his ability to tackle. With the size that he possesses right now, most of his tackles are “body checks”, instead of wrapping up his man.  He will have to learn how to properly tackle at the college level to be successful.

Speaking with Steve Lorenz, Robinson had this to say about what he’s looking for in his potential school.  

“I just want to make sure I go to a school that I can get a good degree at and that will take care of me after football is over.”
Since his offer, Janarius has already booked a visit for Michigan on June 20th.

Janarius finished his sophomore year with 18 tackles, 1 sack and 2 forced fumbles.  He's considered an early Florida State lean.

Robinson is currently being recruited by Coach Hecklinski.

Other Notes:

2015 TE Chris Clark will visit Tennessee this weekend.  Chris and 2015 LB Target Justin Hilliard will both room together next week at the Rivals 5 Star Challenge.

2015 WR Miles Boykin will visit Ann Arbor this weekend. He was originally scheduled to visit next weekend.  

Former USC Trojan Ty Isaac will visit Michigan next week.  Isaac left the Trojans in April and has been searching for a new home since.  Due to NCAA waivers, if Isaac was to choose Michigan he would have to sit out the 2014 season. Personally, I think Isaac will end up in Champaign.

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