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I arose from my slumber this morning hoping for a good, productive day, and by golly, it happened.  A recruiting frenzy that was the month of June seem to have come to an end, but it look to keep on trucking.  I'd say July has started quite nicely my friends.

Commit #15
Meet Noah Furbush
Scout: 3-star, #59 LB, NR OVR
ESPN: 4-star, #21 ILB, NR OVR
247Sports: 3-star, #53 OLB, NR OVR
Rivals: 3-star, NR

Early this morning, Hoke and co received a commitment via telephone from a future OLB/ILB/DE hybrid type that resides from (O how I love to say this) OHIO.  Furbush, who plays at Kenton, joins LB's Michael Ferns -- also a native of OHIO -- and Chase Winovich, bringing the class of '14 to -- what was suppose to be a final number of -- 15 (still including grey-shirt Brady Pallante).  We've already had some attrition and expect more to come.  I broke down the numbers yesterday.  Anywho, Furbush spoke with Chantel Jennings on why Michigan is the right choice:
“Throughout my recruitment I just wanted to get around as see as many places as I could,” Furbush said. “I knew I wanted to commit before my [senior] season started. Michigan was one of the first to offer me and so right from the get-go it had me thinking a lot about Michigan and they were under high consideration.” 
Furbush falls in-between his two classmates rankings wise.  ESPN gives him the coveted 4-star, while all others disagree.  There's no doubt about his size; he's got plenty of it.  The consensus here is 6'4" and weighing anywhere from 230-240.  So like I said, his size is not an issue. The only issue the staff may have with him is where to play him.  He has plenty more room to pack on some weight if needed, and could end up with his hand on the ground.  Kenton's head coach may have another position in mind, DB?? (from same article above):
“He runs like a defensive back,” Mauk said. “He moves and changes direction very well. He’s physical and very aggressive. He has a great nose for the football and a great burst, and he makes plays. I think his best years of football are still ahead of him....He’s a tremendous leader and a great person. It’s just a great fit.”
I don't know about that.  But could you imagine a 6'4" 240 lb. safety?!  It may be illegal.  However, 247's TBH Staff backs this statement up after seeing Furbush perform well in a 7on7 tournament at Purdue's camp:
"As 7-on-7 competitions are more of a proving ground for quarterbacks, wide receivers and defensive backs, Furbush showed well in coverage, even at 6-4/240. He used that size advantage on smaller receivers, playing physical on players to even the odds against the quicker offensive skill guys." 
"Defensive coordinator Greg Hudson has mentioned a hybrid linebacker / defensive end position called the Jack, and Furbush is a great prospect that could fill that role."
Now obviously I'm kidding y'all.  We will not see Furbush play anywhere in the defensive backfield.  It is encouraging, although, how well Furbush can defend against the pass at his size.  The way Kenton uses Furbush at the "Jack" position will be one to watch next season and looks to be promising entertainment.

Now that 3 LB's are on board, it would seem Michigan is done at the position for the '14 class.  Not so fast my friend!  I personally believe Furbush projects to the middle, along with Ferns, and Winovich is suited for the outside LB position.  Furbush could also end up at WDE, another reason Michigan will accept a commitment from another outside LB should one come about, as confirmed by Sam Webb:
The big 3 remaining targets are Dwight Williams, Jimmie Swain, and Richard Yeargin III.  Swain seems to be the closest to making a commitment to his school of choice, which looks to be a Michigan-Northwestern battle.  Williams will officially visit for the Notre Dame game and Yeargin III is trying to set up a visit.  Williams would be the pipe dream here, especially since Hoke would be pulling him from his old stomping grounds way out west.  Swain looks like the most logical option at this point.

Other Offers
Furbush had a decent offer list from the likes of Illinois, Indiana, MSU, Mizzu, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue, Tennessee, and Vandy along with a few MAC schools.  Ohio St. had big interest and an offer was almost inevitable.

Hype Video
I'm still trying to determine if the QB in the first clip ever got'll see.

Something Scary to Think About
Michigan now has two 17 year old's who already have legit college size in Ferns and Furbush.  Once they hit a college workout plan, a two-headed, inside-linebacker monster will be created, roaming the middle of the field, terrorizing anything that tries to gallop past it.  Heck, it may get to the point where opposing teams will have to pay a toll to access Michigan's defensive backfield.  But that's gotta be some kind of violation.  Sorry other guys, looks like you'll just have to deal with it.

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