Classic MMB, 1986 Iowa Pregame

If you're like me, you find yourself spending way more time than you ought to watching endless videos on YouTube. And like yourself, I'm sure, one of my favorite things to do is watch is classic Michigan Football via great resources like WolverineHistorian, who has painstakingly cataloged hundreds of classic Michigan Football games. It's truly a treasure trove for any Michigan fan.

What Wolverine Historian is to football, MMBgoblue is to 80's Michigan Marching Band. The clip above, the band's signature pregame show from the Iowa game on October 18, 1986, is easily one of my favorites. I just love old unis, and the famous intro by Carl Grapentine, the voice of the MMB, and since 2005, the voice of the Big House.

The 235-member group that comprises the pregame band has honed and perfected their routine over the years. To the untrained eye like mine, it would seem like little has changed, if at all. Sure, the steps might be a little more in sync these days, and maybe the the notes are a little more crisp, but classic clips like these are great to watch. You can still feel the revelry even though it's over 26 years later.

The band often takes the backseat to football on gamedays, and that's probably unavoidable. But they're an integral part of what makes Michigan Football Saturdays such an prominent event.

And speaking of Carl Grapentine, this clip is simply wonderful.