Michigan to Face Utah in 2014-15?

Hopefully the 2014 contest will go a little smoother than RichRod's debut in 2008.
I was going to wait to post this sans the question mark in the title, but since MGoBlog is publicly speculating, so shall we. We'll update when news becomes official, which should be soon.

Well, its only been about 24 hours since we brought up the discussion about Michigan looking to fill it's 2014-16 non-conference vacancies with Pac-12 teams. Rumors swirled around schools like USC or Stanford being potential targets for the home and home series.

Not so fast my delusionally-optimistic friend.

It's not the sexiest team out of the west coast league, but word is the Utah Utes will make a visit to the Big House in 2014 – while Michigan returns the favor one year later. Due to reported scheduling limitations, the 2015 contest in Salt Lake City will be both school's season opener and will be played on a Thursday night. Again, nothing official yet.

If this does become official, and it looks like it will, it will likely be met with a resounding "meh" from the Michigan fanbase. It's not USC, but it's also not Eastern Michigan. Nothing against the Eagles...but Utah is...Utah. Been there done that.

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