Stonum's Future at Michigan in Limbo

Michigan WR Darryl Stonum, who sat out the 2011 season due to a disciplinary measure by Brady Hoke because of more than a couple alcohol related charges that put him hot water with the new coach, was back in court yesterday for violating his probation.

Stonum was issued a traffic citation Thursday morning by Ann Arbor police for driving on a revoked license. The ironic thing is, he was coming from his probation office downtown, where had just checked in.

Darryl has been sentenced to 10 days in jail. No question, this is very bad news for both Darryl and Michigan's 2012 WR corps who were looking forward to having the senior wideout back on the field.

Stonum lied to his probation officer prior to being pulled over, court records show. When Stonum checked in at the office, he told the officer that a female friend had dropped him off in the area. Because of the ticket and lie, Stonum was charged with violating probation, said Stonum's probation officer, Steve Hill.

Stonum admitted to the probation violation in court today in front of Judge Charles Pope. Pope said Stonum will have to convince the court that he can continue in the sobriety court program.

"Nobody did this to you," Pope told Stonum in 15th District Court. "You did this to yourself." Stonum was led away by officers and taken to a cell.

Pope said earlier in court today that Stonum has had four alcohol-related encounters with the criminal justice system, which he called "extremely unusual" for someone Stonum's age.

"The part that's the worst is your deceit about it," Pope said.

"Trust is the easiest thing to lose, and the hardest thing to regain Darryl, and that's the situation you're in."
What's worse, he could be back in Brady Hoke's dog house. On Thursday at an already scheduled presser at Schembechler Hall, Hoke had this to say about Stonum's status on the team.
"Until we know everything, it hasn’t changed," Hoke said Thursday at a previously scheduled season wrap-up news conference. When asked if he was concerned about Stonum's decision-making, Hoke simply replied, "No."
Given the nature of these wrongdoings alone, I don't think they merit a dismissal from the team, but certainly the frequency of these mistakes and his decision-making ability overall signal a serious problem. Darryl has been a bright spot for this team when he has played, and I certainly don't want to see him go, but I wouldn't be surprised if that did happen.

Stonum was Michigan's 2nd-leading receiver in 2010 with 49 catches for 633 yards and 4 touchdowns.

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  1. Thats sucks...losing your license is the worst punishment..i dont know who decided that not an unusual punishment, but it makes your life almost unliveable..I have had y license suspended b4, and kept on driving. Seriously, what else can you do?

    People dont want to be your personnal Chauffer. and,Taxi fares are fiscally impossible as they are expensive. Unless you live in major metropolitan area that has subways or a good bus system, your f*cked!