Rodriguez: UM was going to be 'exponentially' better next season

Via a short AP news piece posted on the DetNews website:
New York -- Rich Rodriguez says the most frustrating part of being fired after three seasons as Michigan coach was that he thought the worst days were behind the program and the Wolverines were going to be "exponentially" better next season.
I guess this sort of comment is expected from a passionate coach who was fired before he felt he was fired prematurely. Part of me feels he's just saying that to maybe somehow get back at Brandon for firing him...but the reasonable side of me thinks he's probably right.

But what makes this story interesting is the shot he took at Dave Brandon.
Rodriguez told The Associated Press that the timing of his dismissal was far from ideal for him, his players and staff, and had it been done earlier he might already have a new job. 
That probably goes without saying. The only reason you say that, publicly, is because your bitter and feel resentment for whats been done to you. But since when is it "ideal" to fire a head coach? I would say that the check he received from Michigan for $2.5 million dollars for his buyout will help keep him warm through the winter.

The frustrating thing going forward for 2011, will be trying to figure out if Michigan would have been better or worse with Rodriguez rather than Hoke. I think that ultimately Hoke is going to have much more lasting success at Michigan than Rich Rod would have...but 2011 is the wild card.

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