Possible Big Ten Championship Game Venues

Forget that the Big Ten is a year away from having the required number of teams to create two equal divisions. Forget that any possible divisions haven't been talked about yet. Forget that a mythical title game between those two divisions has even been thought about yet. Forget...everything.

All that matters is we're a college football blog and it's mid-July.

No doubt, all signs point to a Big Ten championship game being created and played for the 2011 season. I mean isn't that the whole reason for expansion in the first place? The money that a possible Big Ten title game would generate is enough to make a good dog break his leash. So it stands to reason that so many people, and potential venues are lining up to woo the Big Ten to their city.

But I don't really care about who's saying what and why one city makes more sense than another. We have the luxury of having some pretty amazing venues that reside well within the footprint of the Big Ten. Of course, I am assuming that any sort of title game would be played at a neutral site...thus omitting any current Big Ten stadium from playing host. But, that opens the door for one of many pro facilities from stepping in to the mix.

So...let's have a look at some possible venues for a title game that we don't even know will ever be played. In no particular order...

Ford Field - Detroit, MI
Type: Indoor
Capacity: 65,000
Built: 2002
Field: FieldTurf

Soldier Field - Chicago, IL
Type: Outdoor
Capacity: 61,500
Built: 1922 (Renovated in 2003)
Field: Natural Grass

Cleveland Browns Stadium - Cleveland, OH
Type: Outdoor
Capacity: 73,200
Built: 1999
Field: Natural Grass

Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis, IN
Type: Indoor
Capacity: 63,000
Built: 2008
Field: FieldTurf

Heinz Field - Pittsburgh, PA
Type: Outdoor
Capacity: 65,050
Built: 2001
Field: Natural Grass

Paul Brown Stadium - Cincinnati, OH
Type: Outdoor
Capacity: 65,790
Built: 2000
Field: FieldTurf

Lambeau Field - Green Bay, WI
Type: Outdoor
Capacity: 72,978
Built: 1957
Field: Natural Grass 

Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome - Minneapolis, MN
Type: Indoor
Capacity: 64,111
Built: 1982
Field: Sportexe (???)

So there you have it sports fans. Which stadium is best? Indoor? Outdoor? Grass? Turf? So many questions...no answers. Let's decide this with a poll!

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